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A metaverse to open your spirit to web3 philanthropy

From the Nicole Buffett Spirit Diamond Collection

Art and Healing

“I believe in the power of art and kindness to heal the world.” Nicole Buffett

Nicole Buffett

Spirit Coin Collection

The Spirit Coin represents a hearkening back to ancient tribal ways of trading as currency while simultaneously integrating highly evolved modern technologies and platforms that create connection and abundance. The original money systems are being renewed, reinvented and recreated so that there is simply more for everyone.


A portion of the proceeds of every sale goes to benefit a select charities.


NFTs that come with a physical are shipped for free. make sure to submit your proof of purchase and shipping details to receive the physical item.

Secure Payments

Secure payments through Paypal, Visa, Ethereum, and other major trusted payment providers.

Nicole Buffett Studios

Art And Healing

I believe in the power of art and kindness to heal the world.

Web3 Philanthropy

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